QuestionHi! This upcoming Saturday I'm doing a walk to benefit Alzheimers disease.. I've been trying to reach out to people to donate to the cause. I'd really appreciate if you, your family, or friends donated to help. I'd love if you checked it out and spread the word, all information is posted on my page. thank you :) Answer

Hope the benefit went well! 

QuestionI started reading your book ;). I honestly don't think i've met another person (this age) who's so passionate about "making a change". Is this gonna be a big part of your life after high school? Answer

I do feel passionate about making a change and my efforts will absolutely continue well after high school, (in various forms).

Time to get out there are start planting some seeds!

One of the children I worked with in Cambodia. For whatever reason this is one of my favorite pictures.

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I’m really excited to be the first ever nonfiction book to be featured on Free Ebooks for Young Adults. You can check it out here.

Please spread the word and help get this book in the hands of kids who want to learn how they can contribute to their communities! And thanks to the people at Free Ebooks for Young Adultsfor helping to spread the word!

The community garden at Animas High School has been quite the success! The garden program facilitates a year round composting program, supports teachers on projects and food units, and offers staff and AHS community members the opportunity to participate in gardening throughout the summer. 

This project is fun and educational. It gives students and teachers a sense of community within the school. I would encourage anyone with a green thumb to start a garden club at their school. 

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QuestionThose text posts, do you think of those yourself? or are you part of some kind of group...? Answer

they are mostly from a book i put together somewhat recently. it was a project i took on to let young peers in my community know what they can do to take action.

  1. Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T2i
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0UNICEF works in 190 countries to deliver help aide services to needy populations. UNICEF provides health care, clean water, sanitation supplies, nutrition, education and relief service. The primary goal of this organization is to reduce worldwide child mortality rates through specific campaign efforts that increase the likelihood that children can survive in varying poor environments across the globe. The primary funding for this organization comes from the United States through the initiative of citizens who support the advocacy and success of UNICEF efforts.

The Trick-or-Treat UNICEF project started with a family in Pennsylvania that collected change for children who were left impoverished and defenseless by World War II. Passionate youth from communities across the country have made a difference in the lives of others by collecting money for the UNICEF organization, which positively impacts the lives of many children across the globe.

As a young member of your community, you can help by participating in efforts that engage community members to support causes that are important to you. UNICEF has raised over 167 million dollars in donations in this Trick-or-Treat effort. Participating in this great effort is easy!

  • 1st: Order your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF boxes here.
  • 2nd: Collect donations in your UNICEF box by trick-or-treating for contributions or create your own unique fundraiser for the occasion.
  • 3rd: To increase your collected donations you can create a UNICEF personal fundraiser webpage linked to Facebook and Twitter. (Coming soon on the UNICEF website).

Even if you are too old to Trick-or-Treat, you can offer to walk with kids from your neighborhood or elementary school and carry a UNICEF box along the way with you.